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Dog walking guide.

With spring well and truly here with beautiful sunny days, although a little chilly at times, the best thing anyone can do is get outside and have a nice walk and breathe in some fresh air with your four legged friend. Our dogs are a part of our families, furry friends/ canine companions/ mans best friend whatever you want to call them (within reason), our dogs make the days better and put a smile on our faces when we are feeling glum. So what’s best to treat them and yourself to a beautiful countryside stay surrounded by public walk ways and hikes through some of Yorkshires most beautiful scenery. The days are longer and the ground is sturdier, the perfect conditions for taking in the views when experiencing a new walk when on holiday. Both of our stunning parks are situated in the countryside surrounded by woodland in a perfect location for a dog walking holiday, whether it’s on your own, with family or with a group. Your four legged friend will love walking around the grounds (on a lead) or if you venture just 5 minutes from the Park you will find a variety of different walks so your dog can stretch their legs and sniff to their hearts content.

Our two different parks are located in locations that are perfect for a country retreat, perfect for peace and quiet and perfect for walking. Our Amotherby park is a 5 minute drive from Malton which was named the ‘most dog friendly town’ in the annual Dog Friendly Awards in 2018 by a holiday firm specialising in Dog friendly holidays. Malton is a great location for days out at the beach or a site seeing holiday for foody guests. It has been named ‘Yorkshires food capital’, with lots of restaurant and cafes offering a table to sit at with your four legged companion in tow.

Photo from my stunning journey to Malton from York

Amotherby is an amazing location in North Yorkshire, well thought out for the range of visitors we receive. Whether it be rain or shine the stunning Yorkshire Wolds Way will not disappoint in any circumstance, there’s parts that are flat and parts where you find yourself surrounded by rolling hills and walking through the meandering paths that take you from Filey and works it way through the hills and fields of North Yorkshire, coming within a 10 minute drive of both of our parks. Amotherby not only has the Yorkshire Wolds way on Its doorstep but also has the Howardian Hills which is great for dogs and families as it is a little easier, flatter and comes back on itself so is also good for people who haven’t got the nack of signs and the walking etiquette just yet. The Circular route, that is moderate in difficulty glides straight through Amotherby and right next to the lodge park, this walk is approximately 13.2 km and will take in excess of 3 hours to do fully. Although this route is classed as moderate and does seem like a long time to get round, the views and the places you will visit are breath taking and your dog will be sleeping soundly once you are finished. This route is signposted with public bridle paths and can be adapted to stay away from main roads if your dog isn’t keen on too much traffic.

Map of the The Howardian Hills Circular with Amotherby and Malton circled.

Allerthorpe is much the same story, apart from the Yorkshire Wolds way is right on the doorstep.

Surrounded by woods and the rolling hills of the East Yorkshire Wolds, you are literally spoilt for choice with public pathways and bridle paths scattered down back roads and country snickleways just waiting for you to explore what the area has to offer.

Dog friendly pubs and restaurants near to Allerthorpe are ten a penny and consist of the country style, local pubs that tend to frequent the Yorkshire countryside. The Gait Inn is a personal favourite of ours split on two levels, this quaint little restaurant/ pub is very old school with wooden benches and farming images framed on the walls. The food is a typical pub menu but the portion sizes are beyond the average size with a reasonable price tag also. Even enough for your doggy to have a few scraps! This pub is very dog friendly and is visited by ramblers, dog walkers and locals alike because of the amazing food and hospitality that is on offer.

Now, I haven’t tried Ye Olde Starre Inn’ in York city centre but it is the oldest licensed pub in York and apparently welcomes dogs. If you would like to have a walk around the ancient Roman city of ‘Eboracum’ then this seems to be a nice place for some beers and to take your dog for a sit down. Also, York Last Drop Inn, was named after the last hanging in York and the platform in which they were hung from. LOVELY!!

Photo of view from the top of Millington pastures near Pocklington.

List of pubs/ restaurants in the Allerthorpe and Amotherby area that have been tried and tested by ourselves with good reviews and are Dog friendly.

Allerthorpe area:

- Black Bull,Pocklington

- Simply JJ’s (food is amazing and you can often see the owners dog outside in the grounds)

- The Plough Inn, Allerthorpe (has outside pods for eating a meal with your family without the ‘pub’ environment)

- The Gait Inn (limited menu at the moment during covid lockdowns)

- The Fleece Inn, Bishop Wilton (currently does beautiful food as take away food because of covid but I’m sure will be open as soon as it can be, just ring up and book a time slot with your order and it will be sorted and steaming ready for transportation)

- My favourite restaurant in the area is at Low Catton, The Gold Cup. Amazing food, good service and lovely staff. Currently serving a limited menu but every item tastes magnificent on the mains or the dessert menu. They even do take away treats for dog walkers, ice cream pots/ desserts or a warm baguette to keep you going on the last leg of your walk!

Amotherby area: (not tried personally but good reviews)

- Oscars

- Malton Brasserie

- Ambient Tapas

- Fitzroy Café

Written by Jessica Barrett from NHL Staycations

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